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Pa-Auk Tawya Dhamma Books

Books in English

  1. Knowing & Seeing (Fourth Revised Edition)      
    (an overview of the entire teaching and meditation practice as taught by the Sayadaw)
  2. Light of Wisdom
    (a series of Burmese talks transcribed and translated, explaining various aspects of the meditation practice )
  3. Mindfulness of Breathing & Four Elements Meditation
    (instructions regarding 2 main Samatha meditation subjects taught at Pa-Auk Tawya )
  4. Teaching & Training (2012 Edition)
    (a concise introduction to the Sayadaw’s teachings compiled by his foreign disciple)
  5. Towards Eternal Peace
    (text of a speech by the Sayadaw, prepared but not delivered due to illness, to the United Nations on the occasion of  “Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders”  on 28 August 2000)

Books in Chinese

  1. 智慧之光 (Light of Wisdom)
  2. 如實知見 (Knowing and Seeing)
  3. 菩提資糧 (BodhiSambhara)
  4. 正念之道 (The Way of Right Mindfulness)
  5. 轉正法輪 (同書異名: 顯正法藏)  (Mahāsatipatthāna Sutta)
  6. 去塵除垢 (Removing the Taints)
  7. 朝 向永恆的和平 (Towards Eternal Peace)

Books in Sinhala (Sri Lanka)

  1. Danuma Saha Dakima (Knowing & Seeing)
  2. Mokpura Randora- Vol 1-7 (Nibbānagāminipaṭipadā)
  3. Praknave Alokaya (Light of Wisdom)

Books in Korean

      -    Knowing & Seeing