Pa-Auk Forest Monastery

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Directions (from Yangon)

Main portal leading to the Monastery

The Monastery is situated near Pa-Auk village. The nearest city is Mawlamyine, capital of the Mon State in southern Myanmar. Mawlamyine is 310 kilometres southeast of Yangon. About 15 kilometres down the Mawlamyine-Mudon road is a large sign that says "Pa-Auk Tawya", where one turns left onto the tree-lined road that leads to the Monastery. One passes through some of the women's section, and arrives first at the Lower Monastery. (For the location of Malamyine (Moulmein) relative to Yangon, please refer to Map).

Several modes of public transport from Yangon are available:

It is best to buy the transport ticket in advance. Please refer to Contacts for details on volunteers in Yangon who may provide assistance in making transport arrangements to travel to the Monastery.