Pa-Auk Forest Monastery

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The Facilities

Pa-Auk Tawya comprises 3 monasteries namely, the Upper Monastery, the Middle Monastery and the Lower Monastery.

The main monastery is the Upper Monastery. This is of relatively recent origins, dating back to the early 1980s. It covers a range of hills along the Taung Nyo mountain range. This is where the large two-storey meditation hall and sīma, alms-giving hall (Piṇḍapātasala), refectory, clinic, sick-bay, Pāli School, library building (which houses the Saṅgha Office, computer room, dormitory), the Foreigners Registration Office, the reception hall and the dwelling of the Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw (collectively referred to as the Sayadaw kuṭi ), and over 220 kuṭis (single meditator huts), among others, are located. Only men reside in this monastery.

The Middle Monastery is situated on flat land and is relatively small. It has a modest meditation hall and sīma, a cetiya (pagoda), and a small number of kuṭis. Only bhikkhus reside in this monastery.

The Lower Monastery is the original monastery of Pa-Auk Tawya. Situated here are a small two-storey meditation hall and sīma, a Dhamma hall, 3 cetiyas, the office of lay administration (commonly known as the Lower Monastery Office), clinic, kitchens, and kuṭis for bhikkhus and male lay yogis. Quarters for silashins/bhikshunis and female lay yogis are located only in this monastery. A large meditation hall for women, Mettavihari, has recently been completed.

Since the 1990’s, Pa-Auk Tawya has expanded greatly, with improvements in the number and the quality of the facilities. Presently, there are in total over 280 kuṭis and other single lodgings, in addition to multiple lodgings and dormitories. Kuṭis are continually being built to keep pace with the increasing number of residents.

There is electricity supply in every kuṭi throughout the Monastery (Voltage is 220V AC). The quality and constancy of the water supply has also improved.

The main road leading from the highway through the Lower Monastery to the Upper Monastery has been upgraded to tar road.

Please refer to Gallery to view the facilities.